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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

White Wednesday at the Barn!

This is Bella, the sweetest white dog. Bella is one of Linda's babies.
Linda is the owner of La Maison Rustique,
Happy Birthday Linda!!!!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

White Wednesday!
and here she is.....

I always wanted to purchase an old dress form but no luck, so I finally decided to find one on e-bay. She looked too new but I was to afraid to work on it without help. I e-mailed few friends, got their input and started working on her.

I will have to name her, so if any of you has an idea let me know.


Ciao Rita

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Point Loma Christmas Home Tour

How fun it was! Amazing house inside and out. So much red, buttercup yellow, all shades of green, so many warm touches. Outside as you can see.....

First booth when you walk in, the cutes dog blankets.

This was Linda's display, owner of the La Maison Rustique. She is so gifted!

Christie and I shared the booth for this show, and it looked pretty good to me!

An other cabinet, built by me and hand painted by Christie.

I made these ornaments, clever ah! Whenever I come up with these brilliant ideas I get so excited. Let me know if you would like instructions on how to, it's so easy!

$ 18.00 each

New and improved crown stockings.
$ 25.00 each

Getting ready for La Maison Rustique Barn Sale and the Out of the Blue Market this coming weekend. Enjoy the peeks.

Arrivederci Rita