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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Before and After Night Stand

I was hesitant on purchasing this nightstand. The shape didn't shout "Buy me, Buy me" but it reminded me of my Nonna's night stands so I took this beauty home.

I had to sand this piece a little but usually if is not shiny I do clean it with clorox wipes and start painting.

For this piece I used two appliques, one for the drawer and one on the bottom of the cabinet.

I used 527 glue to attach the appliques. It's stronger the wood glue but you can always use E-6000
My appliques are made out a hard resin like plastic and since the drawer and bottom are curved I kept them in the sun for a while to soften them up and be able to curve them with the shape of the drawer.

The pieces are white and ready to be stained. I use any stain that I have around. This one is minwax and you can purchase any shades you like, from really dark oak to light pine. It all depends how dark you want it. If you don't have wood stain and you have brown paint add some water to it and it will create the same effect.

Brush it on

Wipe it off as much as you can before it dries. For larger areas work in small sections.

It's me!

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