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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Il Giardino Segreto

The Secret Garden

I used a round pattern for the top of the gate and cut with a jig saw .

....can't paint roses and I have a hard time with color, as most of you know I wear gray and black and almost all my furniture is painted white. I decided to try some color on the basket. Not bad!

I traced the words using carbon paper, took a little while to get the words curved the right way. Is there a program for the computer that will do that automatically?



  1. Beautiful! .."as usual".
    Everything you make is amazing ...I love the gate.
    PS...I used to work for a dear man named Johnny Segreto ... He was so sweet, but he is gone now ..his wife was named Carry .. any connection?
    Hugz ..Tia Betty

  2. What a wonderful gate--great job!!!

  3. Hi rita:
    More than fine or beautiful...Bello, bellissimo, meraviglioso and piuttosto. The sound of the Italian language is as pretty as French when it rolls off the tongue correctly.
    I wish I could speak it. You are soooooo artful and everything is just fabulous.
    Have a great day.